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Portland Stories

Sep 25, 2019

Raymond De Silva hops in the interviewer's seat to interrogate Tony Kriz about why PBL started the Portland Stories Podcast. You will hear these two friends discuss spiritual inspiration, the power of spiritual friendships and the hopes for this new podcast.  Please listen and subscribe.

Sep 23, 2019

Katy Crane is a decades-long leader and mentor in the Portland faith community and beyond.  She has run companies and non-profits.  Above all she is a loving mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor.  Please listen as Katy discusses where her true faith in Jesus was birthed and how she continues to live out her...

Sep 22, 2019

Join us listening to Dr. Charlene Williams sharing about faith in the public sphere.  She shares about godly devotion and justice in the public school systems and beyond.  Dr. Williams is the Assistant Superintendent of the Camas School System and formerly the Principle at Roosevelt High School in Portland.

To learn...