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Portland Stories

Mar 17, 2021

Today's podcast is a little different. We are remembering our friend, Luis Palau, who went home to be with the Father last week. We hope this journey of remembrance and hope for a better world is encouraging. Luis would want that.

Dec 27, 2020

Two retired men, one ex-policeman and one ex-defense attorney, should not be friends... they should not love each other... they certainly could not be "brothers" or... could they.  This is a must-listen episode of personal transformation and the hope for a faith and community that could change the world.

There is not a...

Nov 24, 2020

The necessity of intentionality.  How do we live authentically together?  What does intentional community look like?  How does it manifest... how does it manifest across human separations... separations as insidious as the one promoted as skin color?

The Friday community of Portland, OR has been meeting for 28 years,...

Nov 4, 2020

After two episodes about how men are stupid, the community turns our conversation to civility in the midst of these troubled times: election anxiety, violence in Portland's streets and continued racial inequity.

Civil is an interesting word.  It means polite (protests can seem so very rude.)  It means "of and for...

Oct 23, 2020

Following up on our last episode, "White Men Are Stupid," we convene a new panel to take public the sort of honest conversations our community has been sharing weekly for decades.  

We acknowledge that this topic is a minefield.  Listen how we navigate it imperfectly and yet together.

Join Larry Anderson, Jeff Moreland,...